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Street Children

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Our mission is to care for the street children of Beregowo and to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2003 we started with day-care programmes for children who were forced to live their lives on the street. We try to show them a different way of life: a Christian life style.

Eagles nest

Today we have two accommodations in Beregowo. One is meant for daily tl_files/Children's Relief/Eagles Nest Ukraine/CR arendsnest3.jpgprogrammes, to accommodate children in the afternoon. Just to offer them a place with people who care about them. The local Christian workers give these children daily Bible lessons, drink tea and cook a meal together,  go swimming, play games etc. The children also have the possibility to wash themselves and they can also help with household activities.

The second house is an accommodation for 24-hours care. The building is divided into two parts: Foundation MAON – day and night care for girls from the age of 14 years old and Foundation Children’s Relief – day and night care for boys. The first floor is arranged for assisted living for young people 16 years and older. At this moment 17 children are visiting the day-care programmes. Four of them are living in the day and night care during the week. Some of them go to their relatives at the weekends.