Children's Relief


The Children’s Relief deptl_files/Children's Relief/childrensrelief-logo.gifartment was founded in 1990, with the goal to help children in the poorest areas in Eastern Europe, and also to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Children’s Relief is practically involved in helping street children, abandoned babies in hospitals and children growing up in orphanages.Next to the practical help, we also tell these children about the Lord Jesus.

Children’s Relief is also helping children growing up in very poor circumstances. Through practical projects we help these children in their development. We also mobilise and motivate Christians to actively get involved in these projects.


Children’s Relief is supporting local hospitals and schools, but also its own projects. We support missionaries with a vision matching the goals of Children’s Relief, and also support initiatives of local Christians. We also organise work holidays and summer camps. Children’s Relief also supports missionaries who commit themselves for a long time to one of its projects.