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Family Support Fund

Helping poor families is the main goal for any Child Sponsor Programme project. Even if people do not want to make the commitment to support a child on a regular basis, it is still possible with irregular donations to help poor families in eastern Europe and the Balkans.

In the families sponsored through the Child Sponsor Programme, their financial situation is often very unstable. With the monthly support it is possible for these families to survive. Especially the winters are a great worry for parents, as they often do not have the means to heat the house, or to buy warm clothes for themselves and the children. Also the start of the school year is a difficult time. Even though education is free in most countries, school books, markers, pens and notebooks have to be bought for the children.

For this reason Child Sponsor Programme has started a “Family Support Fund.” From this fund extra help will be given to families who need extra support.
The Child Sponsor Programme regularly receives requests for urgent extra support, for example in the case of the death of a family member, the CSP helps through this fund to support the family to pay for the funeral.