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Mission Schools Pakistan

Pastor Elisha may rightly be called a visionary. He has seen the importance of not just giving children the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, but of teaching young children the Word of the Lord.

In 2001, Pastor Elisha started his first Mission school in one of the Christian colonies in Pakistan. The Christian minority there is one of the poorest population groups in the country, and it is not possible for most of the children to receive any education.

tl_files/Asian Care/assembly pakistan.JPGMany parents want to take this opportunity to have their children educated in the Mission school,  not in the first place to have their children come to living faith in Christ as most of them are nominal Christians already, but for their development  and a future chance of employment.

The education is by Pakistani standards of high quality; the born-again teachers do an excellent job. This is also recognised by other schools in the area. Through good education and Bible-based teaching, many children are developing a personal relationship with the Lord.


Other schools were started, but due to lack of funds, had to be later closed and the children sent home. Now at the beginning of 2010. Now at the beginning of 2015 Pastor Elisha's team consists of 16 staff teaching 365 children in two schools.

tl_files/Asian Care/school class pakistan.JPG“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6 NIV)

This Bible verse was God's call to Pastor Elisha to start his Mission schools, and continues to remain his theme and passion.

Mission Church

We praise God early June 2015, eight people were baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Despite the great difficulties that Christians face living in Pakistan, people are still coming to faith and follow the Lord's command to be baptised.
Due to extreme circumstances, it has not been possible for Pastor Elisha to personally work in Pakistan. For the past three years he has been living in Hungary and the mission church has been left in the hands of a reliable pastor who Pastor Elisha has trained. Please pray for the persecuted church in Pakistan. God's work continues. Mission Church belongs to God. God cares for His church. Thank you for your prayer and support.


tl_files/Asian Care/graduation pakistan.JPGAsian care
Since 2001, the Asian Care dept. of EEO Intl. has been helping Pastor Elisha by finding sponsors for his projects, and by sending teams to Pakistan for encouragement, evangelism and support.

With the help Asian Care, Pastor Elisha was able to open more schools and to employ several Christian teachers. These teachers are women who finished High School, and by Pakistani standards this makes them qualified to become Primary School teachers. 

Some families have opened their house, so the rooms could be used as a classroom. There is also someone who supervises this whole project and is responsible for the finances.

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Pakistan is a Muslim country, with Christians making up approximately 3% of the population. If you are born into a Christian home, you are allowed to practise your religion and to worship the Lord. There are several restrictions for Christians, e.g. it is strictly forbidden to win Muslims for Christ.

The schools are in an area that is mainly populated by nominal Christians. Our goal is to give these children an opportunity to learn about Christ and start a personal relationship with him, while also learning the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, and to speak English.

The parents are very poor and do not have the motivation and financial means to break out of their vicious circle of poverty.

Your Support is needed
It is a great challenge to provide the children with daily Christian education, for they need books, school-bags with stationery, and school uniforms. Many children are still on a waiting-list. Help us to bring the children back into school! The cost per child is only £10 per month!