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Beregowo and Vinogrado are situated in the south-west of the Ukraine near the border with Hungary. The people are very poor. Parents are often unable to bring up or feed their children. Many new-borns are left behind in the hospital by their mothers. 

The Baby Department
The situation in the hospital is harrowing with little prospect of a bright future. There is a shortage of medicines and good medical care as many wards are understaffed.

The babies are fed very irregularly. They are hardly ever changed or bathed. The hygiene on the children’s ward is poor. These deserted children receive little (if any) love and affection. They start life with a lack of love and security.

A Chance for Children
Eastern European Outreach International and its partner Children's Relief have been active at the Beregowo hospital since 1997 from where the work spread to hospitals in Svalyava, Uzghorod and Vinogrado. In co-operation with the hospital, the aim is to provide these deserted children with a better future. A number of volunteers work on the children’s ward. Their vision is to spread Christ’s love through their service by;

- Giving the children love and attention and stimulating them in their development.

- Being an example for the Ukrainian staff.

- Providing material help in the form of food, nappies and other care products.

- Providing medicines and medical care.

- Improving the social climate so that the ward is more child-friendly.

As per 2019 many things have changed. Fewer children are left at the hospitals and hospitals send children quicker to orphanages. Currently there are no teams working in Uzghorod and Svalyava. In Vinogrado there are two young ladies working in the hospital. The team in Beregowo is in and out of work as only sometimes there will be babies to look after. The volunteers working there are orientating themselves on different areas of outreach.
More changes are expected in 2020 as the government is planning to create half way houses. As soon as a baby is strong enough to leave the hospital it either goes back to his parentor will be sent to a half way house where the child will go until it is old enough to go to an orphanage.

A Gift for a Child
You can help these children by making a donation. Then we can ensure that they get the love and care that they need as well as meeting their practical needs in the form of food, nappies and medicines. Let us not forget these deserted children as without our help they face a bleak future!


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