Israel Support

A mission friend of Eastern European Outreach has put this question. After some research it appeared that the situation of the Messianic Jews and Christians is rather difficult. This research also revealed that the supportl_files/_photos/israel-flag.jpgt of this group rather lagged behind in comparison with the general support Israel is receiving from all over the world, especially from Christians. From that moment on initiatives were taken to realise the Israel Support department.

With the help of the data which emerged in connection with the different conversations held, initiatives were taken to organise journey’s of encouragement to Israel based on - among other things - (Romans 1:8-12). These visits were paid to believers at home as well as to the communities to which they belonged.


Since the start of the second Intifada, it is important that people who participate in such a journey are well-motivated and realise what it means to live under high pressure.

Israel is a beautiful country to visit, but there is much more to it than being only a country for holiday or pilgrimage.

Based on the Bible, Israel Support believes that the believers amongst the gentiles are also responsible for these brothers and sisters, witness the words of the apostle Paul in Galatians 6:10 and Romans 15:26-28.


Based on God’s word and the experience of the journeys finally a mission statement was developed, which is as follows: “God is more interested in the Living Stones, the Believers, than in the dead stones, the tourist sites. The best way we can help the inhabitants of Israel is in co-operation with the Living Stones.”

Therefore, we are helping as little as possible through the general channels, for the following reasons:

-  Behind the situation in Israel there is a spiritual situation, the believers are the ones who have the Answer to it.
-  The believers are in the centre of society, so they know where both spiritual and material needs are most urgent.
-  In fact, the believers in Jesus Christ are His Hands on earth.

Our Arab brothers and sisters

Standing positively behind Israel does not mean, that we are against the Arabs in any way. Such an attitude would be un-Christian. It is our opinion, that we are not allowed to build walls between the different religious groups. That is the reason why we divide our attention as equally as possible between the Messianic Jews as well as Arab Christians.