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Slobozia Nursery School Romania

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The Nursery school

The nursery school first opened its doors in September 1998. Most of the children at this school lagging behind with their development. They find it difficult to communicate and their speech is poor. 

The nursery school is very important for the children as here they learn the basic skills, which they need to be able to cope at the primary school. The teacher devotes a lot of attention to hygiene and she also teaches the children to express themselves by means of group talk and drama.


The children often arrive at school tired and hungry. The lack of food is all too evident during the lessons as the children can scarcely concentrate. Therefore they receive bread and milk each day, which for them is a real treat!

Peace and quiet

The children really enjoy going to school. It is a place of peace and quiet, a place where the children receive love. Whilst at school the children can forget about their difficult home situations for a little while. The children receive a Christian education in which God’s love is expressed through teaching and singing. Furthermore, a lot of attention is given to the children’s birthdays and to other special feasts.


Pupil Adoption Plan

The Pupil Adoption Plan is an initiative of the Children's Relief department. The goal of the adoption plan is to have all the toddlers in the village of Slobozia going to school. We are currently aiming at helping the poorest families. Pre-school education is very important for them. The children will learn basic skills that they will need to enter primary school.

The children from the village who went already through the pre- school have much better results in primary school than the children who did not. Through their better results the chances of getting out of the circle of poverty for these children are much better.

Most of the parents in Slobozia are uneducated, which makes it very difficult to help their child. That is why it is so important that we continue this work here.

The help we are giving

-    Good education, with focus on correct usage of the Romanian language, social skills,
hygiene and      preparing them to read, write and to calculate.
-    Christian education, sharing the love of God
-    Every day a healthy meal, ofthen the only meal the children receive that day
-    Guidance for the child and his or her parents

A child can be supported by an amount of £23 per month, which will cover both education and a daily meal. Another possibility is to support for £12 per month, which will cover either a meal or education. We may be looking for more sponsors per child, so we will be able to do more for the child, like buying warm clothes and giving extra vitamins.

The money will be sent to the school in Slobozia, so that they will be able to pay for the teacher, school expenditure, materials and meals.

Time frame
Support is needed for the child for the whole time they are going to pre-school. This is a maximum of three years. When the child leaves school, we will propose another child. If for any reason a sponsor wants to stop supporting, a cancellation term of three months needs to be observed. This will give us the opportunity to find another sponsor to continue the support for the child.

If you would like to support a child please send an email at Contacteeouk@gmail.com or give us a ring at 0800 2980 126.